Book Fest Application

Where friends and books come together.

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming book festival. The festival will be held at Between Friends Coffeeshop and Cafe on July 21st from 4-8pm.

The cost for authors to participate in this event is $25. We request that all authors submit a complete bio with photo so that we can include your information on our website. We also request a brief synopsis along with the cover of the book you wish to highlight for this event. Please note that we encourage you to bring copies of all your titles but we will only be able to highlight one work on the website.

Additionally, in order to help introduce our local readers to your work before the event, we are asking that each author submit a guest blog post. Since we are an author themed coffee shop, this year we’re asking authors to submit a piece about their greatest literary influence. Who and why did this famous (or not so famous) writer impact you?

Author’s are responsible for all books, marketing materials, and display materials for their area. Additionally, author’s are responsible for all taxes for the sales of their books unless the author has previously established a consignment agreement with the coffee shop.

We’re very excited about this opportunity to introduce new independent authors to our local readers. After all, books and coffee are always better between friends!

Download and fill out the application here.