Our Story

Between Friends Coffeeshop & Cafe began in the winter months of 2015 when two fellow community leaders met over a latte. The casual late-night meeting at a coffee house in Warner Robins turned into a lifelong friendship between the owners, J and V, and a desire to further their friendships within the Middle Georgia community.

All About V

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V was born and raised in the middle Georgia area. One of three (a triplet), she was raised in an entrepreneurial country home. She now uses her business experience to not only manage a coffeeshop, but runs her successful graphic design, web development, and branding career as well.

All About J

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J is a former military brat who uses her degrees in English Literature and Psychology to manage a growing business while raising two small children with her husband. She is also a successful editor, real estate agent, and published author. Throw in a hilariously mischievous dog and you have a recipe for one adventurous life!

We’re Open and Dedicated to Protecting Our Community From COVID-19.

  1. We are currently monitoring all employees daily for symptoms and ensuring all ill employees stay home.
  2. Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout our store.
  3. We clean and sanitize all surfaces in-between use.
  4. Face coverings are worn by all staff when dealing directly with customers.
  5. We increased the physical distance between patrons.
  6. We limit all unnecessary person-to-person and surface contact.

Let's work together and keep our community healthy!

  1. Please don't share utensils.
  2. Face coverings are not required, but highly encouraged.
  3. Please stand at least 6 feet apart while waiting to order or pick-up.
  4. Protect those at risk by staying home if you have any symptoms: coughing, fever, shortness of breath, etc.
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