Chains of Darkness

Amelia Wardman has one thing in mind: she has to free her parents from Queen Heretia’s wrath. Her journey to Heretia’s Kingdom is difficult enough, even without Death as her trusty sidekick. Missing her beloved Theo, Amelia must face her greatest fears, all the while learning how to control her magic.
Just when she thinks she has everything figured out, Amelia is faced with yet another set of unknowns. Everything she has learned about the Ancient Kingdom gets called into question when the real villain shows his face.
Will Amelia be able to finally save her parents, or will she lose everything and everyone she has ever loved?

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About the Book
Series: Into the Darkness, Book 2
Genre: Novels
Publisher: Southern Willow Publishing
ASIN: 1734735481
ISBN: 1734735481
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