Color Me Crazy
Authors: ,
Series: Magnolia Manor, Book 3
Genre: Novels
Publisher: Southern Willow Publishing
Illustrator: Victoria Hawkins
ASIN: 1734735449
ISBN: 1734735449

"There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for family!"Pete Reynolds is nothing but a layabout drunk. It wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t have such a sweet and polite son who suffered from his abuse. When Opal comes across Pete’s son, Wilbur, in the woods one morning, she invites him back to the Manor for lunch. Wilbur becomes a regular and eventually moves in with the Montgomery family after his father is thrown in jail yet again. In between Opal’s sold out plays and Maude’s prank war with her annoying neighbor, Ruby finds herself balancing the excitement of the upcoming holidays with the tension of a potential custody battle. The Stone Sisters find themselves at a crossroads when Wilbur’s happiness suddenly comes to an abrupt halt. One thing after another rocks the small town until one night changes the course of all of their lives.

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