Double Trouble
Authors: ,
Series: Magnolia Manor, Book 4
Genre: Novels
Publisher: Southern Willow Publishing
Illustrator: Victoria Hawkins
ASIN: 1734735473
ISBN: 1734735473

"Arrested for what?" It’s been ages since the Stone Sisters have gone away together for a vacation, and all three are in desperate need of a road trip. When Maude Cooper reads about Graceland finally opening up to the public, she knows that is an event they must be at. Ruby Montgomery is exhausted. Between raising her toddler granddaughter and worrying about her wayward daughter across the country, she barely has any time for herself. When Maude proposes a spur of the moment trip to Memphis, Ruby is initially hesitant to go. Opal Tyler is on the cusp of fulfilling her lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. Ms. Belva is about to retire and leave Opal the most prestigious salon in Rhinestone. As the new owner of The Comb Over, Opal is set to become the next premiere female entrepreneur this side of the Mississippi. Maude convinces her that a trip to Elvis’ mansion is the best way to celebrate. As they set off to celebrate The King, the Stone Sisters find themselves mixed up in one shenanigan after another. Memphis may never be the same again after the Stone Sisters leave their mark!

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