Lighten the Darkness: An Advent Journey Through Hope

Lighten the Darkness is a collection of scriptures, readings, and meditations on God's entering into our darkness with rays of light. The book contains 37 short devotions, beginning on the first day of December and reaching through Epiphany. This book will light the path for those seeking deeper meaning amidst the busyness of the days leading up to and through their Christmas celebration. Throughout the centuries, Christians in the northern hemisphere have faced the growing darkness of winter days with a certain hope, the advent hope that growing darkness will not last forever. Lighten the Darkness reminds us again that the advent message is one of deep hope. As sure as the reign of the sun wins against the growing darkness of night, there is one who is coming that will lighten the difficulties and struggles that we encounter in our lives. God comes into our broken world to be with us, to heal us, to save us from not only our enemies, but even ourselves. Let these devotions bring a sacredness back to an often harried time. Whether you read these meditations in the early light as you sip that first cup of coffee or read them with tired eyes at the end of each day, may they be a ray of hope for you. And may God increasingly lighten your dark places until you too shine with the light of hope and love.

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Genre: Counseling
Publisher: Centering Down
ASIN: 0615912559
ISBN: 0615912559
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