Reluctant Heart

A truly riveting story about the depths of human emotion and how love endures and carries us through even the worst of times. With characters so relatable, tensions so visceral, and passion so palatable, you won't be able to put this book down. – Anna Kenney

One moment can alter a lifetime and a lifetime can be altered more than once…

A year and a half after her husband was killed in a helicopter crash, Kacie Parker was going through the motions, telling herself she’s content with her life. Work, gym, sleep, repeat. But when she opens the front door to her old friend, she is knocked off her axis, unable to grasp which way is up. Should she follow her heart and act on the intense attraction or her head that tells her Todd was the only man she has ever needed?

Charley loved Kacie even before she was a widow and when he walks back into her life, his heartstrings are pulled even tighter than before. He wants to be the man who puts her broken heart back together. With patience and understanding, it’s up to him to show Kacie there is life after loss.

Will guilt push her back into a life of constant mourning, or will she give in to the fierce magnetism she feels toward Charley and take a chance on happily ever after?

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Genre: Novels
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