Stones of Destiny

Amelia Wardman has graduated from nursing school and is ready to make her own way in life. She has never been gifted with any magical powers, at least not like her parents. Her father, Daryl, and mother, Clarisse, are gifted in ways she could never hope to measure up to. That was what drew her to nursing. She could help people in the only way she knew how. Her excitement for her new career has barely begun when suddenly her world is turned upside down. She is thrown through her family’s ancient magical portal to a world she has never seen before. Her father’s pleas echo in her mind as she faces challenges beyond her wildest nightmares. Will she be able to find help along her journey? And more importantly, is there any way to save her family in time?

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About the Book
Series: Into the Darkness, Book 1
Genre: Novels
Publisher: Southern Willow Publishing
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