The Struggle: The Struggle is Wheel

Four sisters who are giving a new meaning to the expression, The Struggle Is Real, have, yet again found themselves dealing with more teenage and preteen issues. This third book of The Struggle series gives us a peek inside their daily journal entries. Their play by play of their everyday lives is funny, witty and sincere. New drivers, growing pains, school and parenting issues, what could go wrong? You can't help but agree or sympathize with them, even if they are talking about you. The actions of their sisters, teachers, parents, and everyone else is revealed! Will you see yourself in the pages? Will you feel sorry for the girls? Will you laugh at their "supposed" struggles? Yes, yes, and yes! Pick up this book to put a smile on your face.

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About the Book
Series: The Struggle, Book 3
Genre: Novels
ASIN: 1733462236
ISBN: 1733462236
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