The Struggle: Mom and the Summertime Blues

The story of four sisters-Diamond, Shelia, Crystal, and Felicity who dread their summer break because of their mom. A timely and hilarious read told through the eyes and voice of adolescent authors about their perspective of Mom's summertime "fun".

Young readers will empathize with the youthful perspective of parents and “their ways”. Parents will enjoy reading about the feelings of the four girls in the story, nodding in agreement from the beginning to the end. The entire family will enjoy this book. Instead of those great summer trips and long lazy days of summer, the four sisters complain about having to eat healthy and exercise, do homework and chores, and more. Throughout the book, the girls tell of important life lessons taught by their parents. These lessons are told in a comical way.

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About the Book
Series: The Struggle, Book 1
Genre: Novels
ASIN: 173346221X
ISBN: 173346221X
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