Trailing the Bloody Footprints

Danger is Detective Jake Jezreel's business. In the first-century AD, Jake's profession as a private detective makes him a rare breed. Jake lives in the very large shadow of his famous detective father who has provided investigative services for King Herod and, more recently, for the Romans. Making a name for himself as a detective is all-important to Jake to live up to his renowned father's reputation. As Jake sits at his desk, one fateful day, a very politically powerful client comes to hire him. From that moment on, Jake is plunged into the supreme case of his life when he is hired by the pompous, self-righteous Jerusalem Pharisee named Obadiah. The Pharisee wants Jake to dig up as much dirt as possible about a dangerous and mysterious troublemaker named Jesus of Nazareth. After listening to the charges leveled at Jesus by Obadiah, Jake accepts the case.

The next day, the adventure of his life begins as Jake accompanies a group of Pharisees, who are traveling to Galilee, to investigate firsthand the disturbing rumors about the mysterious Jesus. From this point on, Jake is swept up into the swirling onslaught by the religious leaders to crush Jesus. The investigation comes to an explosive apex when a major conflict detonates between Jesus and the Pharisees when the Nazarene heals a man on the Sabbath. The enraged Pharisees immediately begin plotting how they can murder Jesus. Jake realizes he has been dragged into this vicious vendetta against Jesus by the powerful religious leaders. And he can feel their icy fingers clutching at him like a pawn of their malicious political machine.

How will Jake proceed in his investigation, knowing that Jesus is innocent of any crimes and is the target of the deadly religious/political machine? What can he do to protect this good and godly man he has been hired to destroy? The religious leaders want results from their detective. They are squeezing him hard to deliver the incriminating clues they salivate for.

Only a final, unimagined finish can answer these frightful questions.

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Genre: Novels
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
ASIN: 1644160404
ISBN: 1644160404
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