Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls: A Dying Father, a Changing Son, a Lenten Journey

Unless a Grain Falls guides us through a son’s journey through the death of his father and a changing view of God. Hobbs writes with an honest, gentle, and faithful hand through all of these experiences using the framework of the Christian season of Lent.from Ash Wednesday: "On that Friday, at six in the morning, I awoke with just a hint of light in the room and the sounds of medical staff scurrying to complete the work of their shift. I woke up for that last moment, for my father's leaving. As I stirred, I could tell that there was a change in him, a change in his breathing. I listened for a while, not knowing what the change meant, except that my father was pausing more between breaths. He would breathe in deeply. Pause. Then release a long, large exhale. Then pausing again. My mother was asleep in the chair beside him. And then there was one last large exhale, a final emptying. And I waited there, on that fold-up bed against the wall, just listening. He was gone."Jason B. Hobbs, LCSW, MDiv, is a licensed clinical social worker at a private outpatient mental health clinic. He has been in private practice for almost fifteen years. His earlier professional background includes work in hospice, homeless services, and pastoring a small United Methodist congregation in south Georgia. Jason holds a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Master of Divinity from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Georgia. Most recently, he completed training to as a Spiritual Director through Shalem Institute.

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