Guest Blog: Jaimie E. Miller

BIO: I am the proud mom to two awesome kids. I am a published poet/author and co-own a coffeeshop in the heart of Central Georgia. I am an alum of Troy University with degrees in English Literature & Psychology. Lover of poetry, sports, and all things Disney!

Q:  Who is your greatest literary influence?

A: It may sound cliché for everyone in my generation, but JK Rowling inspires me. Rowling is quite transparent with her fans which makes her very relatable. She is very interactive and intimate with her fan base, which is virtually unheard of for a celebrity of her status.

As a single mom, Rowling first worked her way up from the very bottom rung of the ladder and took over the young adult fiction bookshelves with one idea. Centered on a magical orphan who must discover his purpose in his new world, Rowling created a world for an entire generation, twenty years ago.

The Harry Potter series changed my life in more ways than one. At nine years old, I was a lonely and introverted bookworm who was about to move across the country thanks to the United States Air Force. I found a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at TJ Maxx and sat down in the aisle to read it while my mother shopped. My mom bought it for me because I could not bear to put it down after the first few chapters. Suddenly I was a part of a whole new world; a world where magic and dragons and friendship thrived. Twenty-one years later, the series still warms my introverted soul like a warm flagon of butter beer.

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