Come As You Are

Come As You Are

Come as you are…

One of my favorite things to do is stand behind the register and look out at all of the people in our shop. When we first decided to open Between Friends, laughter was the playlist we both knew we wanted to hear every day. Friends laughing together over coffee sounded like perfect music to our ears then. It is still our very favorite sound.

We have friends of every race, gender, religion, height, weight, socioeconomic background, social status, etc. Our dress code is just as diverse as the people we invite into our shop. On any given day you may see athletic jerseys, overalls, fishing hats, service uniforms, gym shorts, suit and ties, evening gowns, camouflage, a shirt with three day old spit up on it, etc. How blessed are we that you chose to come as you are into our home! Whether you have been up all night studying, arguing, nursing, or binging Netflix, we thank you for being our Friend.

Victoria and I are constantly asked by the media, customers, and fellow businesswomen about who our regulars are. Well, I would like to tell a little about them:

There is Mr. Scottie who orders a black coffee with cinnamon powder. Jodi who orders her signature namesake drink that we named after her. Matt and Michelle who endure our Saturday rushes and make us laugh at their wit. Becca, Lindsey, and Kate who inspire us with their friendships and whose laughter seeps into the very red booth that they laid claim to. Allan and V2 who began as customers and returned as team members. April who usually greets us as the first customer of the day. Christie who has never wavered from her Hughes latte. Shela with the custom frappe that we hope brightens her day. Cody and Page who make us feel like we may actually know what we are doing. Our Tuesday Amanda whose loyalty to the Pablo is without question. Our whirlwind Fancy who has stuck with us for so long. Natalie and her morning quiche. Amanda who is always willing to try new things and brings such a positive air with her. Sheila who changes her sprinkle colors based on who she orders from. Allen and his creative twist on the Italian Dante. Dr. Tom and his espresso in cute demitasse cups. Danny and his Virginia Woolf that powers him through medical school. Holden and his mom who stole our hearts. Judy and her usual peppermint mocha latte, though the cheesecake one was not half bad last time. Ron and his triple grilled cheese with a frappe no whip. Elliot and Holly and their French toast. Jennifer who smiles when we call out her name as she walks through the door looking for a quiet place to work. There are so many wonderful names and faces that brighten the very walls in our home. As I type this out, more and more people come to mind and I know how lucky I am to know each and every one of you.

There are some that we may only know in passing based on the drink or food item they typically order, but that does not make them any less important to us. Our farmer friend who needs his decaf coffee to relax while he drives with the windows down. Our world is better with you in it. Our friend who always leaves pay-it-forwards in our system. Our fellow Disney pin trader who gives us the insider information. Our EMT and his cappuccino while he waits for another call. You see, each time a ticket prints in our kitchen, we see so much more than a list of drinks and food, we see you precious friend and we value the fact that you chose us.

We are not perfect and we will never claim to be. Perfection is not only unattainable, but boring. The lady who said our coffee was the worst she has ever tasted, we see you. The man who yelled at his daughter for bussing her own table demanding that it was our job, we appreciate you. The teenager who said we were lame, we love you. Everyone has their off days, their case of the grumpies, mistake ridden moments, and if we are being honest, some days are harder than others. We belong to each other, both the good and the bad moments. While the negative moments occur and break our hearts, we would be foolish to not learn from them and still value them. The moments are not always ideal, but the people always are.

Who is our ideal customer? Well, our ideal customer is you, my friend. Whether we have known each other for a decade or have never met at all, you are the one we have been waiting for. You are welcome. You are noticed. You are appreciated. You are loved. Come as you are.


– Jaimie E. Miller

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